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Name:oh yoko
Birthdate:Feb 17
things i've been told i am:
- a fucking poser.
- an obnoxious cunt.
- a goddamn bitch.
- just another person you have to protect yourself from or be beholden to.
- strong.
- kind at heart.
- a saint.

(you'd be surprised at who said what. i know i was.)

journaling online since 1997. like you care.

update 2013: just found my old interests list from 2007 hidden here in white text on a white background. just like how we used to hide stuff in our source code back when we coded everything by hand. for history's sake -- & because nothing much has changed since then -- here's the list:

analysis-paralysis, black converse all-star hightops, boys with stupid hair, dancey math-rock, dead boys with guitars, diner food, effective search techniques, emo self-portraits, eye-rolling, gigantic bass drums, googling, guacamole, hardcore boys kissing, independent record labels, infighting, kneesocks, latkes, left-handed boys, making fun of boys, making kisses, mixtapes, nailed to the x, posers, post-postmodernism, punctuation, red dwarf, rock'n'roll, shit-talking, shouting, squash ravioli, swearing like a sailor, terry gilliam, the diy rock'n'roll lifestyle, the idealism of cynicism, the local music scene, tiny hi-hats, trying to comprehend loneliness, vegetarian pad thai, vintage rock t-shirts

Interests (6):

complaining, cookbooks, dead boys with guitars, letting go, meh, not letting go
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